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The Love of a Sister

Early that morning, I got up to go look at the sunrise. I wanted to have a few moments of peace before I started the busy day. I had school and band practice, and this evening I was going to my best friend Amy’s house for dinner and a movie night.

I was staring out at the ocean waves, daydreaming, when the slamming of the porch door startled me. Looking up, I saw Mom standing behind me.

“Good morning, Mom!”

“Good morning, Lindy,” she answered, yawning. “What made you get up so early?”

“I wanted to have a few moments of quiet before I start the day. You remembered that I’m going to Amy’s house this evening, right? Is that still okay?”

“Yes, that’s fine. I’m taking Marcus to the specialist today, and he also has play practice tonight.”

“Oh, right. I hope everything goes well with the specialist.”

Jumping up, I gave Mom a quick hug before heading inside to eat breakfast and get ready for school.

Marcus came downstairs while I was waiting for my oatmeal to cook. 

“Good morning, Marcus! Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, for the most part,” he answered. “I don’t know if it was just me, but it was so hot upstairs last night.”

“Really? I was freezing cold. I actually had to get up and get another blanket out of the closet. Want some oatmeal?” I asked him, dishing it up.

“No, thank you. You know Lindy, I’m not sure how you like oatmeal. It’s so bland.”

“Right? That’s why you have to put a lot of sugar on it,” I informed him, dumping a big spoonful of brown sugar on top. “See?”

Rolling his eyes, Marcus grabbed the milk out of the fridge and handed it to me. “You and your sugar. Enjoy your overly sweet breakfast,” he called as he went out on the porch to talk to Mom.


That afternoon, Amy and I hurried home to her house after band practice.

“I’ve been looking forward to this ALL week!” Amy told me. 

“So have I! I haven’t been able to hang out with my friend for such a long time because we’ve been busy. And then Marcus was really sick and we couldn’t go anywhere because of germs and all that.”

Amy nodded sympathetically. “I know. But I’m glad he’s doing better now.”

“So am I. I can tell that Mom and Dad aren’t as worried as they used to be, which is great.”

Racing up the porch steps, Amy and I burst into her house. 

“Mom! We’re home!” she called. To me she said, “Mom is making pizza for dinner, and we found this really great movie yesterday. You’re going to love it.”

“Hello girls!” Amy’s mom, Sarah, said. “How was school today?’

“It was great. Mrs. Smith is sick, so we had a substitute teacher. Do you need and help with dinner, Mom?”

Later that evening, just as Amy and I were finishing popping the popcorn, the phone rang. Amy’s mom answered it, and in a few seconds called, “Lindy? It’s for you. It’s your mom.”

I took the phone, wondering why Mom was calling me here. “Hello?”

“Lindy, it’s Mom. Listen, I am on my way to pick you up right now. I know you were planning to spend the evening with Amy, but you need to come home.”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“Marcus is very sick, Lindy. The doctors aren’t sure what’s wrong. I’ll be able to tell you more when I get there. Be waiting for me, okay?”

Shocked, I answered, “Yes Mom.”

Hanging up, I turned to Amy. For a moment, I couldn’t say anything.

“What’s wrong, Lindy? Are you alright?”

“No!” I cried, near tears. “That was Mom. She’s coming to pick me up because Marcus got really sick.”

“Oh, no, I’m sorry Lindy!”

I looked out the window, making sure Mom wasn’t here yet. “While I’m waiting for Mom, will you pray with me for Marcus?”

“Absolutely. Do you want to start?”


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