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The Love of a Sister

Very soon, Mom pulled up in the driveway. Amy gave me a big hug. “I’ll be praying for you all, Lindy. It’ll be okay.”

I nodded, wiping away tears. “Thanks, Amy. I’ll talk to you later.”

I ran out to the car, sliding in the front seat. “Well? What’s wrong? What happened, Mom?”

Mom sighed as she backed out of the driveway. “Well, he had his specialist appointment today, and that went very well. The specialist said Marcus was doing much better than the last time, and he said that Marcus should make a complete recovery.”

“That’s great. So what went wrong?”

“He collapsed in the grocery store, in a lot of pain.”

The grocery store? Oh no, poor Marcus. He never liked being the center of attention, and something like that would certainly bring a lot of attention. “But why? He was doing so well, and we were having so much fun together.” My voice broke as I said, “Why did he have to get sick?”

“Oh, honey. . .” Mom quickly pulled over into a parking lot and wrapped me in a hug. “I know, I know,” she whispered. “It’s hard.”

We sat there for almost 20 minutes, Mom simply holding me while I sobbed my heart out.

Then I sat up. “Where is he now?”

Mom pulled back onto the freeway, turning right instead of left towards home. “Wait, where are we going?”

“The hospital. Marcus is in intensive care.”

Intensive care? “Is he really that bad, Mom? Surely not!”

“He is, Lindy. The doctors aren’t sure what all they can do for him. All we can do is pray.”

When we arrived at the hospital, I followed Mom through the halls to the ICU.


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