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Katerina’s Journey

Katerina’s heart pounded faster when she heard this. “He. . .what? What happened? Is he going to be okay?”

Ohu shook his head. “That I cannot tell you. Your Nona only told me to come get you. Now hurry and go. I will take care of. . .”

Katerina did not wait to hear the rest of his sentence. She raced down the hill towards the village.

Reaching her family’s hut, Katerina hurried inside, her eyes adjusting to the dim light. She saw her father lying on the bed, her nona bending over him.

“Nona? What happened?”

Nona stood, her eyes full of sorrow. “He was bitten by a poisonous snake. The doctor is on his way.”

Katerina’s eyes filled with tears. “Oh, Father. . .”

Nona pulled Katerina aside as the doctor burst into the hut. “Listen to me, Katerina. I’ve seen snake bites like this before, and they were never good. I think you should go find the tree and bring back the flowers to heal your father.”

Katerina’s eyes widened. “But Nona, I thought that was just a legend! How am I supposed to find something that isn’t real?”

“No, it is real. Come,” Nona led her to her own bed and reached under. Katerina gasped when she saw what Nona pulled out. “Is that a map?”

“Yes, and according to my grandmother, it leads to the tree.”

Katerina looked up at Nona. “I will go, Nona. I will find that tree and come back and heal Father. I will make him proud of me.”

“Your father is already proud of you! You don’t have to do it for that. But, dear Katerina, you must hurry. Remember, snakebite victims can only survive for five days without proper treatment.”

“I will,” Katerina murmured. Taking the map, she filled her hiking bag with some supplies.

“I will be back, Nona. Keep Father safe,” she whispered. And she left.


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