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Camping with the Cousins

“Have a wonderful time with your cousins,” Mom gave Violet and Jason a hug. “Don’t eat too many marshmallows, stay away from poison ivy, and try not to stay up all night, alright?”

“Bye, kids. Don’t let the bears get you,” Dad said teasingly.

“Bears? There are bears in the woods? I didn’t know that!” Violet’s eyes grew big.

“Don’t worry about it, Vi, we’ll be fine. We’re staying in a cabin, remember?” Jason reminded her.

“Oh, right.” Violet didn’t look convinced. She grabbed her suitcase and went down the porch steps. “You coming, Jason?”

“Yeah. Bye everyone! We’ll be back on Saturday.”Jason followed Violet to the car, tossing their suitcases in the back. The family waved as they got in and drove off.

Mom turned to Dad. “Are you sure they’ll be alright?”

“Sure they will! It’s October. The only weather they have to worry about is thunderstorms. Besides, they’re together. They’ll have fun and make lots of memories.”

Arriving at their cousin’s house, Jasona and Violet jumped out of the car, racing up the walk.

“Melissa! Andy! Are you ready?” Jason eyed the chocolate chip cookies on the counter. “Aunt Janie, can I have one of these, please?”

“It’s may I please, and yes. They’re for you four to take along.”

Melissa and Andy rushed into the kitchen, suitcases in tow. “Hey, cousins! Ready to go?” Andy snatched a cookie. “Ooh, these are good, Mom.”

“Thank you, Andy. Now you kids had better get going! I don’t want you up late on the road. Call us when you get there if you can.” Aunt Jane came around the counter, giving hugs to all of them. “Have fun! Stay safe, and stay together, got it?”

“Yep, we got it. Bye Mom! We’ll be back on Saturday.”

After loading up the suitcases and the coolers of food, the four piled into the car and headed off for an exciting week.

“Ooh, that’s so blue!” Violet jumped out, looking at the sparkling lake just a short distance from the family cabin. “Can we go swimming?”

“Come on, Vi, it’s October! Besides, we need to get all our stuff in the cabin. Here, you take this.” Andy shoved the game bag at her. “Hey Jason! Give me a hand with these suitcases, would you please?”

While the guys brought in all the luggage, Violet and Melissa put the food away. When they all finished, the four headed outside for some cousin fun.


6 thoughts on “Camping with the Cousins”

  1. *when you write high fantasy and expect a dark warrior to come from the water or something but it literally just ends like that* I second Pearl. 😄 I love the simplicity of it.
    Funny thing, the “may” vs. “can” thing. My family says “Can I” and “am I allowed to” and our cousins say “may I”, so when we say “am I allowed to,” my aunt says she doesn’t like it because it makes her feel like we’re prisoners or something. *facepalm* XD

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