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A Celebration!

Hello everyone! Welcome back! Today’s post is an exciting one. I recently reached 50 subscribers!! Thank you so much everyone for your support! I started this blog back in December, and it has been such a fun journey. As a celebration of this milestone, I planned something special: a short story contest! I'll go through… Continue reading A Celebration!

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Camping with the Cousins (The Conclusion)

“SNOW!” Violet couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked out the window in the morning. Rushing over to Melissa’s bed, she shook her awake. “Melissa, you have to come see this. It snowed a lot last night. There’s probably a foot out there.” “There is not, Violet. It’s October. Whoever heard of snow in October?”… Continue reading Camping with the Cousins (The Conclusion)

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Happy Father’s Day: A Collaboration with Daniel and Joelle

Hello everyone, and Happy Father’s Day! I’m not sure how many dads are reading this, so for the children: if you haven’t done something for your dad yet, go do something! Write him a letter. Make his favorite meal or dessert. Spend the evening playing games. No matter what it is, let him know how… Continue reading Happy Father’s Day: A Collaboration with Daniel and Joelle