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A Family Day, Race to the Finish Line, and Youtheatre Workshops // Monthly Review August 2022

Hello, friends! Can you believe it’s the beginning of September already? This year has flown by so fast. August was a busy month, full of time with friends and family. Now, let’s get to the review!


I’ve continued working on Love Times Two with Pearl. I am loving the second draft so much, and can see a big improvement from the first draft. We’re on chapter six already, with nearly 10K. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we started writing!

School started for me last week, so I’ve been adjusting to the new schedule and getting the writing done I need to while not neglecting other priorities. It was hard at first, but I’ve enjoyed the challenge of finding a balance and sticking to it.

With NaNoWriMo coming up, I’ve been thinking about my strategy and plans. I learned a lot last November and I hope to reach my goal this year! I’ve also been thinking about a blog post of NaNoWriMo tips; hopefully I’ll post that in October.


  • Glorious Appearing

Glorious Appearing is the twelfth and final book of the Left Behind series. Out of the series, this book was my favorite. The ending was so beautifully written, and I almost cried reading it. If you haven’t read the Left Behind series, I highly recommend it.

  • Jesus Freaks

My Sunday School teacher loaned me this book by Voice of the Martyrs and dc Talk. It tells the stories of Christians who did not give up their faith, even when faced with death. Jesus Freaks made me think about how I would respond to persecution for my faith.


  • Went to Knoebels (again!)

My brother Nathaniel gave us Bargain Night passes, so my sister, parents and I went to Knoebels together on a cloudy Friday afternoon. We had a great time together. My sister and I went on the Skloosh, a water ride that goes up and then down in a wave of water. We got wet, but not as wet as we did when we stood on the observation deck, watching the ride come down the incline. The force of the water nearly knocked me over!

Another ride we always enjoy is the Pioneer Train. It goes for almost a mile through the woods where corn is set out for the squirrels. I saw three gray squirrels and two black squirrels.

The skies opened up as we were walking out to the parking lot, cooling us down. It was a good ending to a lovely day with my family.

  • Competed in a triathlon

My sisters Miriam and Betsy and I competed in a triathlon for the third year in a row as the sister team Corn, Beans and Squash. In our area, racers kayak instead of swim. I ran, Miriam kayaked, and Betsy biked. Together we came in second in the women’s team category with a time of 2:31:07.

This was the second race I ran, and I’m happy with how I did. I’ve been running two miles every day in preparation for the next triathlon in October!

  • Participated in a Youtheatre workshop

My church hosted a week-long Youtheatre event that is planned by the local radio station every year. This was my sixth year of participating, and I’ve learned more about acting and singing every year. This year, the musical was called You’re Not Alone. Auditions were held first thing on Monday morning, and I got the role of Esther, one of three Bible characters who encourages the main character. Her costume was so pretty! During the week we learned the songs, choreography and blocking of the show. The performance on Friday went really well. I love getting to perform with friends I only get to see at Youtheatre.

What about you? Did you have a good August? What is something you’re looking forward to now that autumn is nearly here?


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