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My 10th Grade Curriculum

Hello, friends! Happy fall! Back in August, I started tenth grade. For today, I thought it would be fun to do a post about the subjects I’m taking this year. Enjoy!

This is one of my favorite subjects this year. I’ve learned a lot about good nutrition, mental health, and the influence of thoughts and feeling. Each module (or chapter) has several projects that reinforce what I’ve learned. For example, when I was learning about making good decisions, the project was to pick a decision I needed to make and write the pros and cons of each.
I’ve finally found a math that I enjoy! I’ve always enjoyed shapes and angles, so learning about them more in depth has been interesting. Most of what I’ve been doing in this book involves drawing arcs, bisecting segments, and figuring out whether angles and segments are congruent.
In the past, my sister and I have done world history and American history. This year, our curriculum is focused on society and geography. Right now, we’re taking an in-depth look at the American government: its background, how it was formed, and the different branches of the government. In later books we’ll be reading about civilization development, world regions, and geography.
Biology is the hardest subject for me. I enjoy science, but it’s hard to remember all the information. I’m currently in the cellular module, and it’s a lot to absorb. However, I’ve learned how to take good notes and figured out a way to review that seems to help me remember better. I’m looking forward to the ecology and botany modules.
I appreciate how thorough this Home Ec curriculum is. In the first section, we’ve been talking about family heritage and wisdom. The wisdom discussion ties into what I read in Health and Nutrition about making wise decisions.
This Bible curriculum is from Bob Jones University, and even just in four weeks, I’ve learned so much about worldview and Christianity. The questions aren’t easy. They require time and thought to answer well. When I review with my mom and sister, we have discussions about each of the questions. I’ve enjoyed reading ahead in the textbook in my free time and thinking about what it says.

I’m also doing Literature and Composition II online. I just finished reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and writing a literary analysis paper on it. The next section is focused on short stories and looking for examples of irony and foreshadowing.

What about you? What’s something your least favorite subject has taught you? Are we doing any of the same subjects?


11 thoughts on “My 10th Grade Curriculum”

  1. Hey, we’re doing the same biology. XDXD I have the video course thoug. 😉 What have you thought of it so far? I’m only on the first module but I’ve found all the assignments to be interesting but a LOT. It’s definitely the hardest science class I’ve taken. 😛

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  2. I’m in tenth grade as well! It looks like I’m doing a lot of the same subjects as you. I agree: biology is pretty tricky. However, I don’t enjoy science much anyways, so maybe that’s why. 😄 I still think it’s pretty interesting to learn, though.

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      1. Umm….the second one was really good. It was fun learning about mental health and all that. And the last one was good, too! I enjoy learning about procreation and such.

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