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Pumpkins, Old Favorites, and Flying High // October 2022

Hello, friends! Happy November! October was a productive month for me, full of new things and finished goals. Let’s jump into the review!


After one year, two drafts, and countless brainstorming calls, Pearl and I finished Love Times Two! The second draft was much easier to write and is more organized. I learned a lot about writing good chapters, working on a deadline, and working with another writer. For now, Pearl and I set Love Times Two aside because we’re both participating in NaNoWriMo. In a few months, we’ll start editing.

I decided to participate in Inktober a week before it started, so I outlined an idea I’d already been thinking about and started writing! Some of the prompts were hard to incorporate, but they were fun. I finished early with 7,000 words. I have three alpha readers right now, and after NaNoWriMo I’m planning to edit and rewrite.


  • Grace Unplugged

I saw the movie before I read the book, and I was surprised at how similar the two were. Grace Unplugged is about family, faith, and growing up and making wise decisions.

  • Trixie Belden and the Mysterious Code

Trixie Belden is my favorite mystery series. The Mysterious Code is a page-turning adventure as Trixie and her friends plan an antique show to show the school board that their club helps others.

  • The Book of the King

The Book of the King is the first book in The Wormling series, and one I’ve read over and over. I enjoy reading about Owen as he sets out on an adventure he never expected, one that involves his world. . . and another.


  • Participated in (another!) triathlon

My sisters and I competed in our second triathlon this year on October eighth. We finished with our best time yet of 2:03:21! I finished the three mile running portion in 25 minutes. My aunt and uncle came up for the day, and we had a lovely time visiting with them. I always love race day: spending time with my family before and after the race and waiting with eager anticipation for the results is one of my favorite things.

  • Went indoor skydiving!

For our birthdays, my parents took my sister and I to iFly Baltimore to go indoor skydiving! It felt like flying because you’re in a vertical wind tunnel, almost floating on air. The two of us did the high flight, where the instructor takes you up to about ten feet. Being up so high was thrilling. I always love trying new experiences, and indoor skydiving is one I’d do again!

  • Picked pumpkins

My sister Betsy enjoys growing pumpkins every year, and last week she picked them with our nieces and nephews. I came out with our baby niece to watch. Betsy carved the children’s names on four pumpkins, and we got some cute pictures of them and their pumpkins. Even the baby smiled for the picture with her pumpkin! Pumpkins are my favorite fall decoration, and Betsy and I talked about painting and carving a few for our front porch and kitchen table.

How was your October? Did you pick pumpkins? What’s something new you’ve tried this month?


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