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Camp for Christmas

Hello, friends! Happy New Year! I hope you all are having a wonderful 2023 so far. Christmas was only two weeks ago, but for my sister and I, it was extended a little longer. Our gift from our parents was going to winter camp at a camp my family has been a part of for longer than I can remember. It was my third year attending, and I was looking forward to seeing friends from last year and meeting new friends.

Camp is set in the beautiful mountains of an eastern state, so beautiful and peaceful. It’s in a valley between several mountains, and hiking up different parts of the mountains are always an activity during free time.

Camp was from the 28th to the 31st. In the days before, I gathered the things I wanted to pack. Since I’d been to camp before, I knew what to expect and packed accordingly.

Arriving at camp, Mom checked Betsy and I in, then we went to the lodge where we’d be staying. I chose to stay in the same room as last year, just because. Mom helped us carry our stuff in, then left for home. Once Betsy and I had our things unpacked, we headed over to the dining hall.

After some announcements and games, everyone gathered in front of the big fireplace for chapel. Chapel has always been my favorite part of camp. The speakers always have a really great topic, and the songs are so authentic. I love camp songs so much, and hope to introduce some to my church this year.

After chapel each morning and evening, we had small groups. Each small group met in the same spot to talk about the chapel session. My small group was amazing, and I loved getting to know each girl and listening to their answers to the discussion questions.

Camp is always a great time of friends, fun, and outdoor activities. And the food there is absolutely delicious. The kitchen staff always does an outstanding job cooking for the campers and counselors. The eclairs they made one night for dinner were so good; everyone was talking about how much they loved them.

Storytime is another highlight of camp. Each night, two or three of the counselors read a story. This year, we listened to a hip hop version of The 5 Little Monkeys, a section of The Screwtape Letters, and my favorite, a camp tradition, A Wish for Wings That Work, read by the camp director and acted about by some of the counselors. 

Getting to attend camp again was awesome, and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to go again.

Have you ever been to camp? What’s your favorite camp memory? What was your favorite part about the camp?


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