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My Answers to Common Questions: Homeschool Edition

Hello, friends! I've been thinking about something for a while, and that often leads to a good blog post idea. I'm homeschooled, as are many of my friends. There are several questions out there about homeschoolers, and I realized this after talking to my aunt about school. When she heard I was homeschooled, the first… Continue reading My Answers to Common Questions: Homeschool Edition

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Camping with the Cousins

“Okay, what’re we gonna do now?” Violet absently picked at a loose thread on the sofa cushion. “Did we end up bringing games?” “Yes, you carried in the bag of games, remember? Here, it’s right here by the fireplace.” Andy tossed it at her. “Why don’t you pick one, and Jason and I will make… Continue reading Camping with the Cousins