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Camping with the Cousins (The Conclusion)

“SNOW!” Violet couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked out the window in the morning. Rushing over to Melissa’s bed, she shook her awake. “Melissa, you have to come see this. It snowed a lot last night. There’s probably a foot out there.” “There is not, Violet. It’s October. Whoever heard of snow in October?”… Continue reading Camping with the Cousins (The Conclusion)

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Camping with the Cousins

“Have a wonderful time with your cousins,” Mom gave Violet and Jason a hug. “Don’t eat too many marshmallows, stay away from poison ivy, and try not to stay up all night, alright?” “Bye, kids. Don’t let the bears get you,” Dad said teasingly. “Bears? There are bears in the woods? I didn’t know that!”… Continue reading Camping with the Cousins