Fiction Saturday

Love You, Sydney

Dear Sydney Anne,
Where are you? I miss you. Ever since you ran away, I’ve wondered how you are and what you are doing. I think about you all the time.
Why did you have to leave us? They didn’t mean it; I know they didn’t. They love you a lot and were simply trying to do what was best for you. I was only 7, but I remember everything.
Sydney, I love you. Always have, always will, no matter what. I pray for you every single day.
Sometimes when I see your picture or when I’m reminded of a fun memory, I start crying. I cry for you, for me, for our family, and for all the lost years and missed opportunities.
Yesterday, when I was walking home from school, I saw someone who looked a lot like you. Or at least how you used to look. I realized then that I don’t remember what you look like! Or how your voice sounds. Do you realize how hard that is? To not remember what your favorite sister and best friend looks like?
I know you’ll never receive this letter, but I want to tell you all about my life like I used to. Do you remember?
I got a job yesterday. I now work at a cute little coffee house called The Cup. I’m working as a barista, and I love it so much. My favorite thing to make/serve is bubble tea. Have you ever had it? We have a wide variety of tea flavors, everything from apple to watermelon. There aren’t as many bubble flavors, though. Only strawberry, blueberry, pomegranate, or peach. My favorite combination is sour apple with blueberry bubbles. It may sound disgusting, but it is SO GOOD!
High school is going as well as can be expected. By that, I mean awful. I can’t stand going to public school. It’s always so busy and loud, and the classes are so different than what I’m used to. I wish that I could be homeschooled again, but I know that with Mom and Dad’s schedules it’s not possible. How did you ever survive 9th grade?
It’s getting late. I should wrap this up. Tomorrow is another busy day at school; we start play practice.
Love you, Syd. Always remember that.
Harper Nicole


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